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Item # C1000 Other Products > Creams Menopause Cream (AKA Hot Mama) Made With Pure Essential Oils In Stock Looking for something similar to this item, or have an allergy to an essential oil or other ingredient? Contact Us for information about custom orders! Product Description:
Our Menopause Cream (AKA "Hot Mama") is the all-natural hot flash solution you've been looking for! The base of shea butter, aloe, evening primrose and apricot kernel oils allows this light and luxurious cream to absorb quickly, providing lasting, healing hydration without a heavy or greasy feel. Naturally deodorizing bergamot and thyme essential oils soothe and tone skin, while keeping you feeling and smelling fresh. Our amazing blend of cypress, clary sage, lime and geranium essential oils (all known for their menopausal symptom relieving aromatherapy properties) may help to calm the mind, relieve mood swings and depression, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve memory and mood. Most importantly, the estrogen-like properties of clary sage essential oil may help restore hormone balance and alleviate some symptoms of menopausal hot flashes.
Luxuriously thick, deeply nourishing and quick to absorb, each of our all-natural face and body creams contains a powerhouse of skin-loving oils and butters, naturally nourishing botanicals and more! So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little TLC today...your skin will thank you!
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