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Item # S1008 Soaps Chocolate Covered Cherry Soap In Stock Looking for something similar to this item, or have an allergy to an essential oil or other ingredient? Contact Us for information about custom orders! Product Description:
This decadent bar brings the scent of chocolate covered cherries right to your bath! Relax with the rich fragrance of chocolate and the sweet aroma of cherries while added beeswax works to heal, soften and hydrate dry skin, sealing in moisture without clogging pores. A great gift idea for the chocolate lover in your life.
When it comes to ingredients, we believe in keeping it simple. Thatís why all of our soaps are handcrafted, all natural, and completely free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Some soaps may contain pure essential oils, tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial), and/or sea buckthorn oil (a newer herbal oil with remarkable anti-aging properties).

All of our soaps are made using 50% olive oil, 30% palm oil, and 20% coconut oil.

Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils: What's the Difference?
As you browse our product selection, you may notice that soaps made with essential oils are a little more expensive. Unfortunately, as synthetic, diluted and inferior fragrance oils flood the market, pure essential oil prices continue to go up. Because we are committed to providing you with the very best all-natural products we can offer, we use only pure, botanical essential oils when making our soaps. Due to the additional cost, soaps containing pure essential oils may be priced slightly higher than those without.
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