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About Us

Dear Blackberry Creek Customer,

My name is Nancy Young and together my husband Jim and I are the proud founders of Blackberry Creek Soaps. Our business began in 1995 out of a love for homemade soaps. After discovering natural soaps, we instantly loved them, but also found that homemade soaps were difficult to find for sale at the time. That year, my daughter and I decided to make a batch of handmade soap to give as gifts that Christmas. The first soap we ever made was the Oat 'n Honey bar.

Afterwards we received many calls requesting more soap and asking where we had bought it. With its popularity established, we went to work producing more handmade soaps. Every afternoon, my mother would come over to help me with the soap making process. She especially enjoyed stirring the batches of homemade soap, each one needing to be stirred for at least 20 minutes.

It was then that we came up with the name Blackberry Creek Soaps and our little business began to take shape. We love berry picking in the summertime, so the name came easily. We then designed our logo, a label and paper wrapping for each bar of soap. My father-in-law both made and cut wrappers well into his 90's. My husband, Jim, crafted wooden molds to achieve a more uniform bar shape. We were very fortunate that as our business grew, we had wonderful neighbors who came to work at "The Creek."

Next came a big move, 80 miles away. We were sad to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors, but also excited to move into our new home, a beautiful cabin in the woods. We finished off the lower level of our new house into a soap factory. Again, we were very lucky and met new people in the area who came to work with us at our new soap factory.

Since then, our business has grown to include many different scents of handmade soaps, our deeply soothing Muscle & Joint Cream, and Shoofly, our all-natural bug repellant available as a soap or spray (being avid berry pickers, we know firsthand how well the Shoofly products work!), as well as a variety of all-natural lotions, creams, linen & room sprays, body washes & scrubs, lip balms and more! We are proud of the products we make and use only the very best ingredients to ensure you get the highest quality and most effective goods we can offer. All of our products are all-natural and completely free of harsh chemicals and dyes, ideal for all skin types. We invite you to have a look around and see for yourself why Blackberry Creek Soaps is more than "just another skin care company!"


Jim & Nancy Young